Mood Shifting Mist



Balance, awaken and elevate...close your eyes, mist, and surrender!


The Mood Shifting Mist is all over aphrodisiac!


Mist on, or around, any time you need a touch of your personal liquid Zen. Instantly revitalizes,  feels good, and purifies during a busy day. Essential for travel and life, this is an irresistible, perfect companion. Each scent delivers its element to evoke the desired mood.


Handcrafted from the finest, organic, therapeutic grade aromatherapy essence blends, the distilled water base, and organic and vegan wintergreen, creating a sensual, alluring, and unforgettable experience. 


Chi Mists are beautifully presented in our luxurious Miron bottles, which keep the product fresh as if just made 6 months longer then any other cosmetic bottles to insure each mist delivered in its full potency and potential.



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