Personal Essences

10 ml  Fragrance ~ Organic Vegan Handcrafted 

Sophisticated. Subtle. Fresh.


A collection of seductive fragrances handcrafted just for you


Made to smooth perfection... 

100% pure, highest grade, therapeutic aromatherapy oils in the botanical base 


No two essences are ever the same...

Each essence syncs in deeply and becomes a part of your body chemistry while radiating a unique scent to you.


Liquid Zen... 

Our divinely smelling essences are more than just perfumes or fragrances!

Made from organic, highly potent bioactive ingredients, each essence integrates on a subtler, cellular level with hormones, and through the olfactory experience, uplifts your moods and brings on well being.

As aphrodisiacs, each essence is created especially to help elevate our human experience in today's world.



Gender-neutral Essences are appealing to all...


Personal Essence is designed to become your companion whether a woman, a man or a non-binary!

Apply as many times and anywhere you like a touch of uplifting, fresh magic...or combine two different Essences for a surprising new experience.  


We love applying the essence on pulse points and hair ends. Hair retains fragrance longer while the oils have a moisturizing effect on it at the same time. 



7 elements in our collection, each carrying a unique frequency code... 

choose your element...

choose YOU!  



Personal Essence

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