Creator of Gitane Oils and yoga and meditation master (Acharya), working with various clients, and with a non-profit organization, Harold Robinson Foundation, aka Camp Ubuntu.  The organization brings inner-city children to a beautiful retreat and has them participate for 3 days in activities that awaken and nurture a sense of community, empowerment, compassion, kindness, and empathy. Saska teaches the children, their educators, and the parents breathing techniques, movement, concentration, and meditation. 


To create an environment of a pure, sacred sanctuary and invoke transformative experiences on a personal level, she uses her products in sessions with her versatile clientele.

"First memories take me to my medicine woman grandmother, who was always with me, and who took me to forests and abandoned vineyards to pick special plants and herbs she would then prepare at home and chant over, making healing potions for people who needed it. 

Later, I studied philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, only to leave the University and move to New Zealand where I landed a lead role in a feature film (continuing to act for the next decade). In my early adolescence, I tended to remove myself as far from my grandmother’s shamanic upbringing as I could… until my firstborn Gitane was born with Down’s Syndrome, which I didn't know anything about.


The desire to help Gitane thrive was strong. Nothing resonated in the books I've read in order to help her. I refused to accept the limiting content of the books I read on Down’s Syndrome which did not match the vision of cognitive/emotional development and well being I intuitively knew to be possible for my daughter. Love for Gitane and the determination to help her blossom and reach her full potential guided me to tap deep into my natural healing instincts I did not even know I had available within me. Baby Gitane’s daily bath and massage ritual became our bonding, loving times, and inspired me to create numerous aromatherapy oil potions to help my baby be joyous, free, and feeling loved. The oil blends were so effective, and deliciously divine for both of us, I started making them for my closest family and friends.... this love of giving beauty that is good for us and which honors Mother Earth by keeping the integrity of only purest, highest grade ingredients, gradually grew into business Gitane Oils is today.


The words of a great teacher and a wonderful human being come to mind, Joseph Campbell: Follow your bliss, follow your heart",  to which I'd like to add: ...and stay True...everything else will come to you!



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